Knitwear design in a variety of colours by Elke Bungeroth

She knits and knits and knits … knitted models in many colours made of colour gradient yarn are her favourite.

To bring out the best of the creative possibilities of the colour variety of the leveled yarns – that is what captivates me. To experience the change of the play of colours while knitting is a pleasure.

Elke Bungeroth has been knitting for 50 years.

Creativity is also her everyday life as a graphic designer, but on the monitor with InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. She is particularly fond of complex, ambitious print projects such as yearbooks, annual reports and magazines.



Reversible Coat

Gorgeous! And the silhouette is powerful yet cozy. Amazing work.


Leaf Jacket

This jacket is just wonderful. Wool is on order, I'm really looking forward to knitting...

Reversible Coat

This is an absolute work of art. I’m in awe.


More wearable art!

You have an amazing talent for colour-work Elke-I am in awe when I look at your designs.


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